NEW - Two New Sponsorship Levels:  
Local Sponsor and First Year Sponsor 



Over the years our non-profit, member based organization has made significant headway in the fight against student deaths both on and off campus.  The drop in statistics can be seen on our website.  But we still have work to do, and we need the support of our sponsors. Therefore, we are pleased to announce two new sponsorship levels: 

1)    LOCAL SPONSOR: A “LOCAL” Sponsor would be an organization that is not National or International.  Qualifying local organizations would do business in 5 or less states.  Those states would be their surrounding state, including their own.  They should be distributors, dealers, consulting/specifying influences, or other local organizations.  

2)    FIRST YEAR NATIONAL SPONSOR: 30% discount from Bronze or Silver Level: First year National Sponsors would receive a 30% discount from the National “Bronze or Silver” Level in year one.  To qualify you must be a first time sponsor of CCFS.  This pricing does not apply to existing sponsors.  As with any sponsorship you can opt-out in year two, or change your level of sponsorship.  In the continuing years you would pay the regular amount for the sponsorship level you choose.  This gives you the chance to know us, witness the work we do to continuously improve campus fire and life safety, and also to see the networking and promotional benefits we offer our sponsors.  


Become a Sponsor - A message from our President

The Center for Campus Fire Safety (CCFS) is a non-profit organization that works hard to provide our members and followers with the knowledge and understanding on how we can best serve our campus communities. Our members are the decision makers on their campus and are the experts regarding fire and life safety, building construction, rapid response, in-building emergency communications, emergency management, and so much more. 

CCFS works with sponsors and non-profit partners all over the U.S. These partnerships are vital to our ability to thrive and achieve bigger and better things than the year before.  Our vision is the elimination of the loss of life and property by fire in the campus community through systems comprised of education, engineering, and enforcement and our mission is to be the national leader for improved fire and life safety at all colleges and universities by providing resources and educational programs to the greater campus community. The success of our vision and mission is without question dependent on our partnerships with so many individuals and organizations.

Stay safe, Justin Daniels, President

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Interested in us?  Contact our Business Development Manager, James Gibbs or our Executive Director, Cathy Tabor, for more information on how we can work together to help CCFS grow, while we also help to eliminate the loss of life and property by fire in the campus community. CCFS simply cannot continue to do ‘just enough’.  The stakes are entirely too high, and lives are at risk if we do not take chances and dream bigger. Thank you so much for your time and consideration. Everything you do for the Center for Campus Fire Safety matters and is highly appreciated. 

CCFS is supported through the generosity of the organizations listed here. Each organization has demonstrated a commitment to supporting the cause of campus fire safety and the free exchange of information to support the many professionals dedicated to protecting our nation’s colleges and universities.   


Johnson Controls 
(Tyco SimplexGrinnell)






National Fire Sprinkler Association (NFSA)



Notifier (info coming soon)

National Electrical Manufacturer's Association (NEMA)




International Code Council (ICC)


Fire Equipment Manufacturers' Association (FEMA)



Prevent-Zone by AliveTek


The Knox Company


UL LLC Building Inspection Services for Higher Education



   Campus Optics (Info coming soon)
Kidde Residential (Info coming soon)

Sponsors are a critical part of our mission. We are looking for your help and support - Become a CCFS Sponsor.  Sponsorship in CCFS is an Annual Commitment and can be discontinued at any time.

  • Our Organization needs to expand:  As our organization grows, we also must expand into areas like emergency management, rapid response to active shooters, and in-building emergency communications. To do this, again we will need your help. We have already made great strides over the last year by participating in more events all over the country like the International Wireless and Communications Expo in Las Vegas and the Midwestern Higher Education Compact in St. Louis along with annual regulars like the Congressional Fire Service Dinner and CSHEMA annual conference. We’ve also increased the number of partnership agreements we have such as the National Disability Resource Network and Safer Buildings Coalition. We will also be launching a new website soon that will revolutionize the way we conduct business and open new membership possibilities to increase our membership. We want to continue to move forward and grow as an organization and to do that the status quo is no longer good enough.

  • Marketing Benefits from Sponsorships:  We believe in giving back.  CCFS offers our sponsors visibility into the Campus Fire Safety community.  Our newsletter reaches over 17,000 readers, and our website is active with member participation.  As a sponsor to CCFS, your company is provided with opportunities to present business, products & services to the higher education market and its decision makers.  CCFS members are approval authorities and decision makers on campus.  In addition, our Directors work with several non-profit organizations and partners that are on the forefront of policy creation.  Organizations include Safer Buildings Coalition, National Disability Rights Network, APPA, Automatic Fire Alarm Association, National Advisory Council, National Fire Protection Association, National Fire Sprinkler Association, National Electrical Manufacturer’s Association,  International Code Council, Fire Equipment Manufacturer’s Association, CSHEMA and several others. 
  • Combined Activity to achieve higher level of sponsorship:The level of sponsorship reflects all monies spent with CCFS during a year.  For example, the cost of a booth at our Forum, any forum activities sponsored such as a reception or break, any product purchases or special training (if applicable) or any other donations will be calculated each year to determine sponsorship level.

    • Virtual Forum 2021:  Details Coming Soon

    • New Jersey 2022 Annual Forum: At this Forum we will be remembering one of the most devastating and life changing fires in our nation’s history. The fire at Seton Hall University on January 19.  At this Forum we will be remembering one of the most devastating and life changing fires in our nation’s history. The fire at Seton Hall University on January 19th, 2000 at Boland Hall not only changed the lives of so many over the last 21 years, it also changed the fire and life safety industry as well. The CCFS forum in New Jersey this November will examine all aspects of this tragic fire.  We will look back at how far we’ve come since that night at Boland Hall. Your help will assist us to make this year’s event in New Jersey one that everyone remembers 10, 15, or 20 years from now and says “Yeah, I was there and it was truly one of the most amazing events I’ve ever attended.”  We are already in the process of planning and the outpouring of those wanting to take part this year has been overwhelming. But again, in order to accomplish some of the things we want to do, we need more of your help. 

Non-Profit Donation: CCFS is a non-profit 501C3 organization. If you require documentation for tax purposes, please let us know.