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Presenter: Neal Zipser,
Industry Affairs Manager, 
Knox Company

Neal Zipser manages the company’s relationships with fire industry organizations and is the company’s primary liaison with the fire service. In his current role, Neal works with fire departments and industry/state associations on rapid entry programs, public education activities, and other community risk reduction initiatives. Prior to joining Knox, he held the same position with Kidde and spoke regularly on home smoke alarm and CO detection technology and how families can better protect themselves from the hazards of fire. Before joining Kidde in 2012, Neal worked for 20 years in the automotive industry, leading marketing and communications activities for several organizations.

April 4 @ 11AM EST 

An Emerging Response Issue - Driven by the Growth EV Charging Stations


The rising popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) worldwide and in America stimulates demand for charging infrastructure to support the growing EV fleet.

As consumers – including faculty, staff and students – transition to electric mobility, the need for accessible and reliable charging stations escalates. The result has been an influx of charging stations being built throughout the country and on campuses nationwide. However, are fire departments and emergency personnel ready for the challenges these bring, specifically regarding response to a fire? Knox is finding increased interest in its remote power shut-off box, which allows first responders to shut down the power going to an EV charging station remotely, quickly, safely, and securely.

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