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Emilie Gorzoch, 
Portfolio Leader, Fire Services of North America, Johnson Controls

[email protected]

March 21 @ 11AM EST

The IoT has Come to Fire Sprinkler Systems with Connected Sprinklers.

In a world where connectivity and instant access to data is expected, the Fire industry now relying on Connected Sprinklers for 24/7 insight into systems as part of an intelligent, preventative maintenance strategy. "Intelligent" fire sprinklers contain remote sensors continually track pressure, temperature and water presence that are connected to a central hub - giving you notifications and real time access to your fire systems health.

How do Intelligent Sprinkler systems drive outcomes? You'll avoid preventable, unexpected events like leaks and freezes and ensure system health between inspections. On a campus with multiple buildings, being notified of a system health risk lets you take action, eliminating un-needed service trips and cost. This coffee break will describe Connected Sprinklers as part of the fire sprinkler operations, benefits gained and how those responsible for Fire Safety are leveraging intelligent sprinkler systems. See a live demo. Learn why campuses are demanding connected sprinklers.


Emilie Gorzoch, Portfolio Leader, Fire Services of North America - Johnson Controls; and Cory Anderson, JCI Sales Manager

Emilie has been in the Fire & Life Safety industry for 7 years launching and supporting products such as Connected Sprinkler, SafeLINC, Xaap and Advanced Vibration. Emilie partners with NFPA Experts and Johnson Controls Global Products to commercialize new products, technology and service offerings to our internal and external partners. Emilie has a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Penn State University.



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