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2023 Presentation (s)


Presented by: Kateryna Turchenko
Kidde Commercial Aspirating Detection & ERCES Product Manager

Kateryna Turchenko is an esteemed professional with a 5+ year tenure at Kidde Commercial, holding roles in product management, strategic partnerships, and quality improvement. Currently the Product Manager for Aspirating Smoke Detection and Emergency Responder Communication Enhancement Systems (ERCES), she leads innovative solutions in fire safety.  Kateryna's expertise ensures cutting-edge products tailored to evolving industry needs. With a history as a Strategic Partner Program Manager, she mastered program management and relationship-building. Her journey at Kidde Commercial began as a Quality and Continuous Improvement Engineer, paving the way for her role as a Product Manager. Kateryna's diverse skills and unwavering commitment define her as a fire safety champion.


Revolutionizing Fire Detection with ModuLaser® Aspirating Smoke Detection.


Make sure your challenging environment is fully covered with ModuLaser® Aspirating Smoke Detection from Kidde Commercial.

We’ve engineered the ModuLaser system with a unique modular design, equipped it with our patented artificial intelligence technology, and loaded it with user-friendly features that make protecting your facility simple.

ModuLaser aspirating smoke detection solutions offer an unmatched solution across diverse markets and applications. They surpass the limitations of traditional point detection, excelling in scenarios demanding ultra-early detection, coping with high airflow, discreet concealment, addressing smoke stratification, navigating challenging maintenance access, ensuring mission- critical detection, and even enduring extreme environmental conditions.

Join our webinar to learn how ModuLaser provides a cost-effective and user - friendly aspirating smoke detection solution for your facility.


Presented by:  Ralph Heid, Edwards Notification Senior Product Manager

Ralph Heid is a seasoned professional in the field of product management and product marketing, bringing a wealth of experience to the table. His career spans across the industrial, durable, and consumer goods sectors, where he has consistently delivered exceptional results. With over 15 years of experience in both international and domestic business, Ralph has honed his skills in product management strategy, product development, and strategic marketing.

Throughout his professional journey, Ralph has demonstrated a deep understanding of the market landscape and has successfully translated customer needs into innovative product solutions. His ability to craft effective product strategies has led to the development of high-performing products that meet and exceed customer expectations.

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New Innovations in the Genesis LED Notification Appliances Family.


Edwards is proud to have innovated new solutions to age-old safety questions, with The most energy-efficient notification appliances in their class. The Genesis™ LED family of horns, strobes and speakers employs patented electronics to deliver highly focused life safety solutions for new and retrofit projects, all ready to protect your facility in the event of an emergency. With a suite of performance and design features that are sure to please, you can keep your facility ahead of the latest building codes while aesthetically complementing the interior of your space.

Best of all, Edwards appliances are easy to install, use, and maintain. With field-selectable audio and visual outputs, you can make adjustments on the spot without unnecessary downtime or additional service calls. Lower current draw gives you the opportunity to reduce your overall cost of ownership thanks to using reduced wire size, fewer booster supplies, and longer wire runs while meeting current codes with help from Edwards Genesis LED notification appliances. Join us to learn more!



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Emilie Gorzoch, 
Portfolio Leader, Fire Services of North America, Johnson Controls

[email protected]

The IoT has Come to Fire Sprinkler Systems with Connected Sprinklers.


In a world where connectivity and instant access to data is expected, the Fire industry now relying on Connected Sprinklers for 24/7 insight into systems as part of an intelligent, preventative maintenance strategy. "Intelligent" fire sprinklers contain remote sensors continually track pressure, temperature and water presence that are connected to a central hub - giving you notifications and real time access to your fire systems health.

How do Intelligent Sprinkler systems drive outcomes? You'll avoid preventable, unexpected events like leaks and freezes and ensure system health between inspections. On a campus with multiple buildings, being notified of a system health risk lets you take action, eliminating un-needed service trips and cost. This coffee break will describe Connected Sprinklers as part of the fire sprinkler operations, benefits gained and how those responsible for Fire Safety are leveraging intelligent sprinkler systems. See a live demo. Learn why campuses are demanding connected sprinklers.


Emilie Gorzoch, Portfolio Leader, Fire Services of North America - Johnson Controls; and Cory Anderson, JCI Sales Manager

Emilie has been in the Fire & Life Safety industry for 7 years launching and supporting products such as Connected Sprinkler, SafeLINC, Xaap and Advanced Vibration. Emilie partners with NFPA Experts and Johnson Controls Global Products to commercialize new products, technology and service offerings to our internal and external partners. Emilie has a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Penn State University.

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 2022 Presentation (s)

Genesis LED Notification Appliances, by Chris Hill, Edwards, Notification Engineering Manager

Learn about Genesis LED Notification Appliances, including the new Outdoor Series. Genesis appliances provide ultra-low current using patented LED electronics and high-efficiency lens. During this session, we will give an overview of the products with demonstrations of the patented technology and a live Q and A.

Video with Q&A
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BDA Solutions as Life Safety Solutions by Bob Joslin, Vice President of Business Development, Honeywell 

During an emergency, reliable communication is critical. Staying informed with clear radio transmissions between first responders will help prevent further injuries and save more lives.  AGENDA: 1. What is an ERCES BDA System? 2. Why Would My Building Need One? 3. How to Determine if My Building Needs a BDA? 4. Site Surveys 5. Codes. (June 30, 2022)

Video with Q&A
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EST4, Innovation and flexibility by Wally Ortiz

Learn about the latest innovation technology in fire panels and in particular the benefits included with EST4. EST4 adapts to a multitude of facility and campus layouts, reducing the cost of networked systems.  EST4 include UL-listed proxy firewalls to help protect your system against cyber threats when connecting to outside networks. EST4’s design is ready to adapt to future code and standard changes. Its backwards compatibility provides an easy migration and economical transition to new technology while protecting our customer’s investment. (June 28, 2022)

Video with Q&A
EST4 Brochure
Cybersecurity White Paper 
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Mass Notification and emergency communications best practices & solutions for college campuses by 

Jon McConnell, Strategic Account Manager

In this coffee break, you will learn concepts about the best practices selecting a mass notification and emergency communication solution for different campus to ensure college campuses have clear and intelligible audio as well as system survivability while still managing budget expectations.  

Learning objectives: Understand owner requirements on a mass notification and emergency communication system; Review the elements that are involved in the design of a mass notification system for college campuses.

Video Presentation
Hyperspike Video
FireWorks Video

Kidde Engineered Systems VS and VM Fire Panel by Carlos Abreu, Product Manager – Small Analog Systems.

Presentation includes key capabilities of the Kidde VS and VM series of intelligent addressable fire alarm panels, components to a reliable life safety system in any education facility environment.  

Learning objectives: Review panel versatility & simplicity; Understand local and remote connectivity; Complementary options; Live fire panel features demonstration 

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Exploring Careers in Fire Protection, 
Mike Jonas, NFSA 
 (pre-recorded from 2021 Campus fire Forum)

We will explore careers in fire protection that allow you to save lives and protect property.  This is accomplished through highly technical research, engineering, training, advocacy, codes, construction, and maintenance.  Fire protection careers allow us to live, work, and play in the built environment and be safe from the dangers of fire.


2021 Presentations

Enhancing Fire & Life Safety for Higher Education.  This is an overview of an exciting new Fire & Life Safety Solution from CampusOptics! During this brief demonstration, we will review how institutions are leveraging CampusOptics to streamline administration of fire & life safety inspections and permits, manage safety assets,  improve remediation of issues/deficiencies and enhance campus safety culture & emergency preparedness. Presented by Brandon Phipps, August 5, 2021

Video Presentation with Q&A 
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Denlar’s products for protection against stove top fires when using a residential range. Presented by Jessica Tomczak, 4-21-21

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“What” is a BDA, the “Way” you might need one, and “Who” they are for.

Today’s codes are requiring enhanced in-building radio frequency signal coverage for emergency responders. Keeping responders connected and informed with clear radio transmissions help prevent injuries at an event. Presented by JP Plouffe, June 1, 2021.

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Fire Protection Inspection & Maintenance. Fire protection inspection, testing and maintenance was deemed essential at the start of the pandemic even with many buildings empty.  Compliance in many jurisdictions across North America has increased over the last 2 years because of a variety of reasons.

Reporting, recording and analyzing fire protection ITM data helps ensure compliance.  Inspect Point has a variety of tools to help college and university campuses handle their Fire, Life and Safety inspections.
NFPA and jurisdictional codes out of the box
Developed with the technician or inspector in mind; Customized forms allow for a variety of inspection types (EPA, OSHA, Safety walkthroughs, etc); Deficiency Management; Subcontractor workflows. Presented by Drew Slocum, August 19, 2021
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Connected Fire Sprinkler System ...  Connected Sprinkler Systems introduces pro-active technology to address sprinkler repairs and maintenance.  Presented by Emilie Gorzoch, 4-28-21

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Kidde Engineered Systems

Kidde Genesis LED series – Notification appliances. Learn about of the Genesis LED series notification appliances, which provide ultra-low current using patented LED electronics and high efficiency lens. During this session, we will give an overview of the products and provide a live demonstration of the patented technology. Presented by Chris Hill, October 19, 2021 

Coffee Break Video with Q & A 
Kidde Genesis LED Video  
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Genesis LED Notification Appliances
Intelligent Optica Detector
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Learn How the eLock System is Revolutionizing Rapid Access  
Seconds do matter. Having rapid access when you need it helps you mitigate the emergency faster, reduces property damage, and reduces the risk to emergency personnel by eliminating forced entry. However, having a complete audit trail of who used the key, when it was used, and what lock it was used on has not been possible. Plus, the threat of the key falling into the wrong hands or being misplaced will keep any fire marshal up at night.   The Knox eLock system eliminates the concern of lost keys and provides complete traceability on the rapid access system. The new system also is extremely flexible as access to certain locks and key boxes can be assigned by the need for access.  Presented by:  Neal Zipser and Justin Daniels, July 20, 2021

Video Presentation with Q & A
Knox Eco System
Knox ELOCK System
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   Why Your Campus Needs the First UL-Approved Self-Testing Detectors 

Managing a campus’ fire and life safety systems is no easy task. You are responsible for implementing technologies and processes that not only keep your buildings and occupants safe, but also create an environment with limited disruptions, consistent uptime, and an exceptional occupant experience. Presented by Ben Wolf, June 29, 2021 

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How can a campus building be smart if it’s not safe? ...  In this session, we will discuss how a well-managed fire & life safety program can positively contribute to meeting key objectives such as improving occupant satisfaction ... Presented by Pete Tately and Anthony Bloodworth, May 11, 2021.

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