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Denlar’s products for protection against stove top fires when using a residential range. Presented by Jessica Tomczak, 4-21-21

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Connected Fire Sprinkler System ...  Connected Sprinkler Systems introduces pro-active technology to address sprinkler repairs and maintenance.  Presented by Emilie Gorzoch, 4-28-21

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How can a campus building be smart if it’s not safe? ...  In this session, we will discuss how a well-managed fire & life safety program can positively contribute to meeting key objectives such as improving occupant satisfaction ...  Presented by Pete Tately and Anthony Bloodworth, May 11, 2021.

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“What” is a BDA, the “Way” you might need one, and “Who” they are for.

Today’s codes are requiring enhanced in-building radio frequency signal coverage for emergency responders. Keeping responders
connected and informed with clear radio transmissions help prevent injuries at an event. Presented by JP Plouffe, June 1, 2021.

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Why Your Campus Needs the First UL-Approved Self-Testing Detectors 

Managing a campus’ fire and life safety systems is no easy task. You are responsible for implementing technologies and processes that not only keep your buildings and occupants safe, but also create an environment with limited disruptions, consistent uptime, and an exceptional occupant experience. Presented by Ben Wolf, June 29, 2021

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Are you looking to Market to the Higher Education Fire & Safety Community?  

CCFS is offering Sponsors and Affiliate Members the opportunity to produce a 15 minute video series presenting your technology, installation tips, compliance with codes/standards, or more. We’re open to your ideas too. The Video (s) will be shown on-line in a webinar setting, and available on our website for downloading, along with your contact details and up to two pieces of appropriate literature as well. Depending upon the series/topic you can choose to do one, or a series on a weekly or monthly basis, but no more than one per week. The Campus Coffee Break series will be marketed for you by CCFS to our database of 17,000 and also to our non-profit fire safety partners groups. Video(s) will be archived in a library on our website and promoted in our newsletter and home page.  This is a great marketing opportunity, especially where in-person visits are limited.  We will not charge for members or non-members to attend your coffee break presentation.

It's easy - we promote and market your coffee break - you present - we moderate - archive on our website for all viewers

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