Micro-mobility/Lithium Ion Battery Fire Reporting Program 

Having data on micro-mobility/Lithium Ion battery fires is a resource campus fire safety professionals can use to assist in the development of educational programs, policies/procedures, and advocacy efforts. The report is easy to complete in less than five minutes. 

  • The data reporting system is open to all colleges/universities, fire departments, and state and local code fire/code enforcement agencies.   
  • Data information will be published twice a year (January and June) and will be available anytime by request by emailing: [email protected].
  • We are only collecting data for On-Campus, Office Campus, and Greek Housing based on established CCFS criteria as defined below:
    • On-Campus Incident:  Any related incident occurring on a college or university campus. This includes academic, faculty, laboratories, physical plant, residence halls and family housing. 
    •  Off-Campus Incident: This includes a rented house, duplex, apartment, rooming house or privately owned residence hall that was not the student’s permanent (family) residence.
    • Greek Housing: Any related fire incident in a fraternity or sorority house.  


Lithium-ion battery safety campaign from UL’s Fire Safety Research Institute 

Underwriters Laboratories’ Fire Safety Research Institute (FSRI) launched a new lithium-ion battery safety campaign earlier this month, Take C.H.A.R.G.E. of Battery Safety. The launch comes ahead of this year’s holiday shopping season, when many consumers will be purchasing lithium-ion battery-powered devices without an understanding of potential fire risks.

FSRI is calling on the fire service and other community influencers to watch and share its new public serve announcement (PSA). The campaign aims to educate the public on how they can protect themselves and their property. FSRI has created a website for the campaign, BatteryFireSafety.org, which features the PSA and many additional free resources for the public and first responders. The site features a toolbox for first responders with a set of downloadable materials to use in public education and interaction with local media. 

The Take C.H.A.R.G.E. of Battery Safety campaign was launched at a press event at the training academy of the Fire Department of the City of New York (FDNY) on Nov. 15. The event featured speakers from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the FDNY, the U.S. Fire Administration, and the FSRI.  Speakers’ presentations were followed by a live fire demonstration of an overcharged e-bike. The live stream of the event was recorded and is now available on the FDNY’s YouTube channel.

MORE TO COME .....  

To learn more and access the Take C.H.A.R.G.E. of Battery Safety campaign materials, visit FSRI’s BatteryFireSafety.org.

(Source: FSRI)