History of NFSA

On November 22, 1905, three specialty contractors met in St. Louis, MO, to establish the National Automatic Sprinkler Contractors Association. In doing so, John Moore of the General Fire Extinguisher Company, W. G. Allen of Niagara Sprinkler Company, and George M. Myers of Standard Fire Extinguishing Company became the founding fathers of what is today the National Fire Sprinkler Association. The minutes of that meeting set out the original objectives: “To promote and improve the methods of fire protection, the discussion and consideration of all such matters as may be of general interest to the welfare, progress, and building up of the automatic sprinkler equipment business including all rules and regulations which have been, or may hereafter be, promulgated by the National Fire Protection Association and for the purpose of carrying out and obeying such rules and regulations as may be adopted and required by such association. And also to discuss and adopt such rules and regulations as will give the public the best service possible. Also to adopt such measures as will produce the best and most satisfactory equipment and give to the public the highest standard of fire protection that can be afforded by such systems. And further to take all necessary steps toward ascertaining and carrying out the laws of the country, that in any was affect the automatic sprinkler equipment business. And to adopt all other lawful measures that may be deemed necessary and proper to promote and protect the best interests of the Association.” ...

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