Virtual Campus Fire Forum 2021

When Disaster Strikes

What's the response?  What's the back up plan?  What's the recovery look like?



ABOUT CAMPUS FIRE FORUM 2021 ... CCFS made the decision to stay virtual this year, but are planning to return in-person next year.   What are the plans for this November?

  • We're trying to keep the Forum as close to normal as possible with General and Breakout sessions as well as the Town Hall Discussions and Member Meeting and Elections.
  • We spread the 2 ½ day sessions over the first two weeks of November - so we don't tie you up all day. (preliminary schedule below)
  • In the interest of exhibitors time, we replaced the virtual expo with Campus Coffee Break Sessions, which are 15 minute sessions in-between our General and Breakout Sessions ... so all attendees will still have a chance to learn more about available technologies and services.
  • We still offer ICC CEU's for the Optional Training Day and ICC re-certification hours for forum presentations.
  • and .... we know the fun part of our Forum was the food - so we're working with to provide you with at least one Uber Eats certificate so we can all have lunch together online.

A Message About our Forum from James Gibbs, CCFS Business Development Manager

"Of all the international and national organizations I have been a part of, the Center for Campus Fire Safety (CCFS) has been the most personal and interactive group that directly affected my position as fire marshal, keeping me informed of what other colleges/universities are doing, issues they are having, how they worked through them and all the interaction has provided the most benefit as fire marshal educationally, with benchmarking and with networking.




PRESENTATIONS: (Partial list - our speaker committee is still working on this) 


    • ICC Optional Training (When Disaster Strikes)
    • Keynote, Day 1 (Info to be announced soon)
    • Keynote, Day 2 Turning Tragedy into Advocacy, Chief Dan Jones and Common Voices Advocate Bonnie Woodruff, NFSA
    • When Disaster Strikes – how do we notify occupants.  Elizabeth Conha Schoonman, Business Development Manager, Americas, Johnson Controls
    • UL 268 and UL 217, Rodger Reiswig, Johnson Controls
    • Hands-On Residence Hall Assistant Fire Safety Training. Kevin McSweeney, Fire Marshal University of Delaware
    • Li-ion Energy Storage Protection Solution, Fire protection for Lithium-Ion Battery Energy Storage Systems, Wayne Aho, Sr. Product Manager, Siemens
    • Changes to the 2021 ICC and NFPA Models Codes Richard Roberts, Senior Industry Affairs Manager, Honeywell Fire Systems
    • Surviving Winter Storm  – The week Texas froze over, Monica Martinez, Emergency Management Coordinator, and David Zeigler, Manager for Fire and Life Safety, Environmental Health & Safety,  Texas A&M University
    • Kari's Law and the RAY BAUM Act, Jerry Eisner, Vice President, Public Safety, RedSky Technologies
    • Fire Stopping, Effective Compartmentation & Existing Buildings Fire-resistance, Bill McHugh, Executive Director, Fire Contractors International Association
    • Averting Campus Fire Emergencies Through Strategic Partnerships, Evan Orowetz, Fire Safety Specialist, Carnegie Mellon University
    • Lunch & Learn: Pilot Program Launch ... FirePro Round Table - Inspections Issues and Systems on Campus (J.Daniels, A.Sactor, K McSweeney, J Nolan)
    • Understanding Lightning Protection and Passive Fire Protection Systems, Mr. St Onge and Mr. Carlson, UL
    • 21st Century Disasters, JensenHughes discussion panel, Larry D. Rietz, SET; Kenneth Bouche; and Kevin H. Lewis, PE, CFI
    • Town Hall Meeting
    • Member Luncheon Meeting & Elections & raffle.
    • Virtual Tour of FM Global's Research Facility 
      .... watch this space for more.


We'll have Campus Coffee Breaks too!


Coffee Breaks are 15 minute sessions in-between our General and Breakout Sessions ...

All attendees will have a chance to learn more about available technologies and services.  Campus Coffee Breaks will be sponsored by Johnson Controls. We're sourcing gift certificates for Coffee, so you can enjoy a cup while you listing to various presentations.


          • Johnson Controls
          • Honeywell - BDA Solutions as Life Safety Solutions: Keeping Your Campus Safe When Disaster Strikes
          • Notifier - How the First UL-Approved Self-Testing Detectors Can Keep Your Campus Safe When Disaster Strikes
          • Keltron - Better Fire Alarm Management with New Technologies
          • Denlar - Protection from Cooking Fires for Residential Ranges
          • Edwards - EST4, Innovation and flexibility
          • Xaap - Xaap Compliance Reporting
          • Autocall - TBA
          • and more.

Launching our newest discussion group .... Campus FirePro Round Table ... 
we'll launch our new discussion group at the Forum and preview our plans for 2022.  As an overview ....  CCFS will conduct a lunchtime (or breakfast for the West Coast) virtual discussion group with a combination of our Board and Members.  The FirePro series of talks will address issues we all face with our campus daily activities and we'll compare ideas and solutions. The Forum group will discuss "Inspections on Campus".  Future discussion candidates will consist of a combination of Board Members and CCFS "Regular-type" Members.

Share your ideas!  Join in the Discussions!  If you're interested in a topic for 2022 discussions, or if you want to participate in a group discussion, simply let us know.  email: [email protected]


Note that all virtual sessions will break with time for coffee break presentations and time to refresh.  Please join us!!!

Date/Time Session Start EST End EST
Tuesday, 11-2
Wednesday, 11-3
ICC Training (Optional)
ICC Training, Part 2

12 PM
12 PM


Thursday 11-4 Welcome Session and Presentations 10 AM 4:30PM
Tuesday 11-9 Presentation
(Extra: enjoy your meal compliments of FM Global
during our Lunch & Learn Discussion Panel)
10 AM 4:30PM
Thursday 11-11

Town Hall Meeting and Annual Meeting and Luncheon

(Extra: enjoy your lunch compliments of JCI while you attend 
the member lunch and election session)

11:30 AM 1:30 PM

 COST FOR ATTENDEES:  Includes Food Certificates for Lunch on 11-9 and Nov 11, plus Coffee Certificates for Campus Coffee Breaks.  
Please register by October 22 to receive food certificate.

  Member Price Non-Member Price ICC Credits
Forum Only Attendees   $250.  $350.
Forum with ICC Training  $500.  $600.


Introducing "Bring a Co-Worker".
We're trying our best to offer scholarships, or at least reduced prices for co-workers. Where CCFS is a non-profit, sometimes this is difficult.  But, in situations where we have Virtual Forums, we're in a position to offer reduced pricing so you can share your educational sessions with your team.  We hope you encourage others to attend.  In the future we'll look for ways to offer some scholarships to attend our in-person Forums as well.

Do you want to share our Forum with your team?

 ... If yes, ...  your team can attend in one of two ways: 

1) FREE:
  As long as you can provide a viewing area on your campus or at your organization your team can attend. Simply invite them to sit in under your registration link*, with the understanding that they will not receive CEU's, Course Materials, or Food Gift Certificates.  Only you as the "Registered" Key Attendee will receive this info. 

2) $100. PER STAFF MEMBER:  For either the Forum or Forum + ICC.  Simply send an email with their names and email addresses to:  [email protected].  They can choose to view the session where ever they want to.

We must receive this information no later than October 25th, 2021.

Guests in option 2 will receive CEU's and Course Material if any.  ICC requires us to keep a "time on the line" report for each attendee requesting re-certification CEU's, and CCFS cannot issue certificates to anyone that is not officially registered. 

The "Bring a co-worker" discount level will not receive additional Food Certificates.
You must purchase at least one Key Attendee registration to Bring a co-worker.  Either the CCFS Forum only, or the complete ICC and CCFS offering.
For option 2 ... we must receive your add-on information by October 25, 2021.

How it works:  

CCFS will provide to you and/or the people you want to attend, with a discount code specific to your organization only. We can give the discount code to other members of your organization, with the understanding that they must register and pay online just as you did.  At the end of their registration they can drop in the discount code and receive pricing for $100. per person (for either the CCFS Forum or the Forum + ICC training).

Of course, if easier for you, CCFS can always add guests to your registration for you and apply the charges to your credit card.  Just let us know your preference.

Note: To add additional staff at a reduced price or even free, you must first complete your purchase for one full Key Attendee Registration at either member or non-member pricing.

*link to conference will be provided in October.


Register Here for Coffee Break Presentation

Affiliate Members Non Sponsors
Campus Coffee Break Presentation $750. $3000. $4000.


... and Key Registration Attendees will receive a $10. gift certificate to Dunkin's, courtesy of Johnson Controls


We're looking for sponsor to help us with attendee scholarships and food certificates.  If you can help us, please contact: [email protected]

JCI will Sponsor Lunch at the Annual Meeting November 11th, and will also provide a certificate for Coffee for our Campus Coffee Breaks.  FM Global will sponsor lunch at the Lunch & Learn November 9th
  and ... 

Coffee: Attendees will receive a $10. Dunkin Gift Certificate, courtesy of Johnson Controls.  Buy a pound of Coffee or individual coffees and enjoy Dunkin' during the Campus Coffee Break sessions!  Dunkin' Donuts LLC, also known as Dunkin', is an American multinational coffee and doughnut company, as well as a quick service restaurant. It was founded by William Rosenberg in Quincy, Massachusetts, in 1950.

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Two Forums each year: 
1) Spring - Virtual (typically first week of April)   
2) Fall - InPerson (typically first week of November)



Starting in 2022, we're working hard to add a second Forum to our annual planning.  The April forum will be Virtual each year, and the November Forum will be in-person each year.  If you want to be on our info list, simply sign up HERE and we'll keep you informed.

2) Don't forget us in 2022!!!  Covid permitting, we'll be back in person in New Jersey!!!

Campus Fire Forum 2022,  New Brunswick, NJ, November 2022 (October 31 - November 3)

While 2020 marked the 20th anniversary of the fire at Seton Hall, CCFS will recognize the courage and strength that came out of this tragedy in 2022.  Join us as we look back "After the Fire".  Hosted by Rutgers and Montclair University.

The 4 P's of Forum 2022

People .... We'll welcome Shawn and Alvaro, CCFS Lifetime Members, and Seton Hall Survivors - and we'll look back over the last 20 years of their courageous battle, and their efforts to help educate college students about campus fire safety. Several other survivors, parents, educators, will also be part of our event - along with key people that helped Shawn and Alvaro to tell their story and to help other students.

Places ..... The Seton Hall incident had a major impact on fire codes and campus fire safety over the last 20 years too.  Worldwide and nationwide fire and life safety codes experts, major manufacturers, non-profit partners, engineers and consultants will present and participate in panel discussions concerning the protection and prevention solutions implemented to protect lives and property since the Seton Hall incident. 

Progress ..... Twenty + years have also passed since the initial campus fire safety talks and the first Forum, held at NFPA Headquarters.  CCFS has grown considerably since then and today is the only nationwide, member-based, non-profit organization, dedicated exclusively to college campus, and off-campus, fire and life safety.

Presidents ..... We'll also celebrate our past and current CCFS Presidents and key contributors over the last twenty + years to share their history with CCFS and their vision for the future of campus fire safety. We're still working out the details of our President's Reception ... but we're planning to pay our respect to those lost on 9-11, and will tour the memorial wall at the World Trade Center. (Sponsored by Johnson Controls).