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  • Free to all to attend.  Must be a CCFS member to be a Round Table Panelist.
  • 1 hour informal discussion group on Zoom, consisting of up to 5 or 6 CCFS Members/Directors.
  • Audience is encouraged to ask questions and participate.
  • ICC CEU's are available to qualified and registered attendees.
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July 26 or 28 (tbd) 2022 @ 1PM EST

Fire Alarm Commissioning - Lessons Learned 

This panel discussion will focus on commission and integrated testing of life safety systems. The cross section of panelists from various disciplines will provide first hand insight as to their challenges and successes of the challenges they faced. 

Learning objectives for participants.

  • Be able to understand what commissioning is
  • Be able to understand what integrated testing is
  • Identify what documentation is required and how it is process
  • Identify who is responsible for which aspect of commissioning and integrated test and inspections

Chair: Rodger Reiswig, JCI 

About Rodger Reiswig

Rodger Reiswig, Johnson Controls; Alan Sactor, University of Maryland; Kevin McSweeney, University of Delaware; Kyle Green, University of Alaska; and Tom Parrish, newly appt President of The Automatic Fire Alarm Association (AFAA).  Chair: Rodger Reiswig Coming Soon
Sept. 7, 2022 @ 1PM EST

To celebrate Campus Fire Safety Month: We will discuss students, RA's and fire safety edu, fire drills, RA Training, Evac Procedures, printed safety tips and other available materials.

Chair & Co-Chair: Seth Statler & Michael Swain

About Mike Swain and Seth Statler

Seth Statler, NFPA; Michael Swain, retired University of Massachusetts;  Jessie Ferri, Student, SUNY Cobleskill and student member of the CCFS Advisory Committee; and possibly: Shawn Simons, After the Fire, and Denise Beatty, Consumer Products Safety Commission.    Coming Soon
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Nov 2021 Pilot Program - Inspections on Campus Justin Daniels, University of OK; Alan Sactor, University of Maryland, Kevin McSweeney, University of Delaware, Jody Nolan, Rochester Institute of Technology  Download