Xaap – Simply smarter compliance

Xaap is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that provides a streamlined and digitized approach for performing fire and life safety inspections and managing compliance reports in a single, centralized platform. 

The Xaap mobile app enables inspectors to record data for systems and devices and generate reports directly from their phones. The Xaap web app provides you with a centralized view of all building systems and deficiency data. Both you and your team and – if you are a service provider – your customers, can easily access, download, and share historical inspection reports through Xaap. 

Xaap out-of-the-box templates available for:

•             Fire alarm systems

•             Fire extinguishers

•             Sprinkler systems

•             Video surveillance systems

•             Access control systems

•             Emergency lights

•             Burglar alarm systems

•             Nurse call systems

•             Intercom systems

•             The Joint Commission (TJC)

•             DNV

•             CAN/ULC

Our templates follow codes and standards set by NFPA, TJC, DNV, and ULC. 

To learn more: visit www.xaapbuildings.com.

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