About Us:

NOTIFIER® has been a leader in the fire safety industry for over 70 years. Today, we are the largest manufacturer of engineered fire alarm systems with over 500 distributors worldwide and regional support operations on every continent helping to ensure we provide the service your business needs. Our commitment to product, partnerships and technology is what propels NOTIFIER® to stand proudly above the rest.

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About Our Distributors:

When you select a NOTIFIER® Premier Engineered Systems Distributor (ESD), you will receive the best of the best in fire alarm and emergency communications systems. Our NOTIFIER® Premier ESDs meet stringent criteria on technical competence and business performance, including industry certification, advanced technical training, end user support, industry engagement, and proven business strength. We proudly stand behind them and are confident that you are in good hands with their capabilities and service.

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About Our Solutions:

NOTIFIER® is excited to announce a new suite of connected systems that are making buildings safer, smarter and more protected: NOTIFIER INSPIRE™ Fire Systems, NOTIFIER Self-Test series of detectors, and Honeywell’s Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS).

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With detectors that can be tested automatically, cloud-based software that proves compliance, and a control panel that is both flexible and scalable – NOTIFIER’s new solutions are changing the way fire and life safety systems are managed, operated, and maintained. Our smart technology eliminates the hassle that comes with installation and tests to create a less disruptive experience, and that’s just the beginning.

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