The Center for Campus Fire Safety serves as a focal point for campus life safety organizations and is a valuable resource for information relating to campus fire safety. A charter member of the Center, Keltron has supported its annual Campus Fire Forum for more than 15 years because its focus on improving the complex issues of fire and life safety on today’s college campus is critical to the overall well-being of students, faculty and staff on campus everywhere. 
Lisa Korklan, Director of Marketing, Keltron Corporation

I’ve been a member of the Center for Campus Fire Safety since 2008. I joined the group during my first couple of months as a fire inspector and continue to participate, now as the University fire marshal. The Center has helped me develop as a professional through technical training and networking that can only be found through it’s very unique member group. As long as The Center is around, I will continue to be an active and contributing member. My membership with The Center has definitely been a valuable asset for the safety of our university faculty, staff, students, and visitors. 

Justin Daniels, Fire Marshal, University of Oklahoma (Now CCFS President)

As a former fire marshal of a city with two Universities and a community college system, I’m especially excited about the work the Center is doing. We all know that college students, as a rule, are bright, hard working, and have a desire to succeed. Many are away from home and parents for the first time, and don’t have a clear understanding of the consequences of poor decision-making. The Center provides resources to staff at colleges and universities around the country to help educate students, promote engineered solutions to the fire safety issues, and, in general, help students survive their college experience. My hat is off to the Center for Campus Fire Safety for leading the way toward fire safe college campuses across the country. 
Jim Tidwell, Fort Worth Fire Marshal (Ret) Deputy Senior Vice President, International Code Council (Ret), Code Consultant, Tidwell Code Consulting

The Center has every right to be proud for untold lives saved, untold fire injuries averted, and untold property loss avoided because of its work. Personally, I have had amazing opportunities to learn, meet very special people, share experiences and frustrations, and receive help that has enhanced my knowledge and level of professionalism and the safety of those I impact.” 
Guy Swartwout, Chief: Response Coordination Branch, NYS Office of Fire Prevention and Control 

The Center for Campus Fire Safety is a tremedous resource for my staff and I. It also provides me with access to peers nationwide to discuss issues with and enhances my professional developement. 
Tom Hayden, Justice Fire Safety Foundation.

I just want to thank Paul Martin, The Center’s Board and support team for the great work you are doing for the Campus Fire Safety community. Your dedication to disseminating up-to-date, correct and timely information on a series of important fire safety subjects is unequalled. Your organization has made communicating to the campus fire community seamless and efficient and both as an NFPA technical committee member and in my position at Hughes Associates I thank you all for your hard work.
Wayne D. Moore, Jensen Hughes

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